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Budějovická Gate (Budweiser Gate)

Budějovická Gate was built between 1598 - 1602 according to the plan made by Benedict Cometta and at the expense of Peter Vok of Rosenberg.

Český Krumlov originally had nine gates, which were incorporated into the town fortifications. Eight of them were gradually pulled down in the 19th century and Budějovická Gate was the only one to remain.

In comparison to the other gates, whose appearance is only partly known from historical pictures, it stood out due to its daring architectural solution and Renaissance decoration. A noteworthy fact about Budějovická Gate is its conception of two dif-ferent expressions on its two façades, one towards the town and the other facing outward.

The outer rectangular decoration of the façade with its battle-ments and pointed edge of the tower makes the impression of massive fortifications to put off enemies and, on the reverse side, the red colour of the façade facing the town, with its sundial and playful Renaissance ornaments surrounding the windows, shows the inhabitants of the town its smiling face.

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