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Wenceslas cellars

The Wenceslas cellars are situated under the 4th castle courtyard. They were built in the early 14th century in order to level the steeply falling terrain under the building of the Upper Castle. This way, monumental three-storeyed cellars were established to serve as technical and economic background of the castle.

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Romantic legends have it that King Wenceslas IV was kept prisoner in these cellars in 1394, hence the name of the cellars handed down.

These days the Wenceslas cellars make up an impressive frame for the international exhibitions of ceramics, organised by the Agency for the Czech Ceramic Design.

Another attractive exhibition area that is found in the castle premises is the column hall in the former stables in the 1st castle courtyard, the interiors of the „Máselnice“ and the Mint in the 2nd courtyard.

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