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Široká Street

Široká, i.e. „broad“ Street, is indeed the broadest street in Český Krumlov. The name has been in use since the 18th century. Due to the space it provides it has served as the location of markets since the Middle Ages until today.

Široká Street, house No. 74

The house was originally built in the Gothic style, and was remodelled several times later. Its present-day Classicist façade comes from the 19th century. The medallion in the middle of the façade depicts St. Wenceslas and another saint worshipping the Host. The ground floor has a well-preserved Renaissance hall with comb vaults and painted coats-of-arms  of  Wilhelm and Peter Vok of Rosenberg (1594), later followed by those of the Schwarzenbergs and Eggenbergs. While repairs were carried out in 1993, a unique paving of bovine bones was discovered in the floor of the entrance hall, part of which is displayed in the District Museum. In 1720-25 the house was inhabited by Jan Antonín.

Tschernischen, a lawyer and town scribe, who became famous for his brave struggle for municipal rights against the secular and ecclesiastical authorities.

Široká Street, house No. 77

The house is situated on the site of two medieval buildings. In the course of the Renaissance rebuilding in the late 16th century, the façade of the house was decorated with sgraffiti, and a Renaissance portal of the Saxon type with relief roses and two niches, in which statues used to stand, was set in the middle of the façade. This type of portal is unique in Český Krumlov. The façade got its  present-day appearance in the 19th century.

In 1588 - 1592 the house was inhabited by Magister Michael Antonín of Ebbersbach, who was employed as an alchemist at the court of the Krumlov ruler Wilhelm of Rosenberg. After Wilhelm’s death in 1592, on the grounds of committing fraud, Michael Antonín von Ebbersbach was put into gaol, where he died in 1593. His tombstone is situated in the monastery cloister of the Order of the Knights of the Cross with a Red Star.

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